Programme 2020

January 9 ▸ Intro to the 2020 programme & critique night.
16 ♦ Lecture: Alyn Wallace 'Night sky wonders'.
23 ● Colour print competition #1. J: Steve Clifford.
30 Note change to programmeLecture: Philip Dunn 'Street Photography 2'.
February Mon 3 ■ Four way battle at Dudley. Away. J: John Haines.
6 ● Monochrome Print Competition #1. J: Phil Cooling.
13 ♦ Note change to programme. Question time evening.
20 ■ Battle with Wolverhampton. J: Terry Livesey.
27 ▸ MCPF portfolio. View and critique.
March 5 ■ 5 a side competition. J: Graham Heywood.
12 ● Digital Projected Image Competition #1. J: Ric Harding.
19 CANCELLED    ▸ Practical night.
26 CANCELLED  ♦ Lecture: 'Unseen Iceland'. Leigh Woolford.
April 2 CANCELLED  ● Colour print competition #2. J: John Haines.
9 Video Meeting  ♦ Members night: The 3 Js. See info box.
16 Video Meeting ● DPI #2. J: Chris Palmer.
23 Video Meeting ▸A look at OnOne software; Part 1 of the GB cup.
30 Video Meeting ♦ Lecture: Claire Carter. 'The camera does lie'.
May 7 Video Meeting▸Members night:Look at workflow; work of Andy Gray; Members' work.See box for info.
14 Video Meeting ♦ Lecture: Carl Wright. 'More camera less Photoshop'
21 Video Meeting Ladies vs Gents DPI comp. J: Terry Livesey.
28 Video Meeting ●  'It's a Knockout'. 'Lockdown challenge.'
June 4 Video Meeting● Digital Projected Image Competition #3 J: Anne Sutcliffe.
11 Video Meeting ♦ Lecture: Susan Brown. 'Photography with passion'
18 Video Meeting▸Members night: A look at Topaz filters; Some still life work; Workflow schedules.
25 Video Meeting ♦ Lecture: Jenny Hibbert 'Land of the Rising Sun'.
July 2 Video Meeting. Battle with Stourport. J: John Haines
9 ● Video Meeting. Colour DPI competition #4. J: Michael Krier.
16 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture: Warren Alani. 'Seeing is believing'.
23 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture: Chris Fletcher. 'Birmingham; City & Nature Night & Day. Change from printed programme.
30 Video Meeting. Battle with Great Barr at home. J: Claire Carter. Change from printed programme.
August 6 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture: Keith Leatham 'Phone Photography'.
13 Video Meeting. Monochrome DPI Competition #2. J:Nigel Plant. Change of judge.
20 Video Meeting.  Tech night. Details on home page.
27 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture. David Keep. 'Underwater photography'.
September 3 ● Video Meeting. DPI#5. J: Gareth Martin. Change of judge.
10 Video Meeting. Lecture:Mark Pain. 'Sport's Photography'. Meeting to be shared with Great Barr & Romney Marsh CC.
17  Video Meeting. Lecture: Les Forrester 'Art in Architechture'.
24 Video Meeting. Members'/Tech night. Landscape work; how to plan a photo trip & still lifes. Change from printed programme.
October 1 Video Meeting. Panel of 3 DPI competition. J: Tony Oliver
8 ● Video Meeting. DPI #6 competition. J: Marilyn Steward. Change of judge.
15 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture. Sue O'Connell & Pete Brisley. 'Travels towards the edge'.
22 Video Meeting. Lecture. Peter Paterson. 'Photography my way'. Change from printed programme.
29 Video Meeting. Monochrome DPI Competition #3.  J: John Tilsley. Change of judge.
November 5 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture. Rosemary Wilman. 'The way I see it'. Change from printed programme.
12 Video Meeting. Members'/Tech night. Change from printed programme.
19 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture. Steven Le Prevost. 'A feeling of Impressionism'.  Change from printed programme.
26 ● Video Meeting. Digital Projected Image Competition #7. J: Graham Walton.
December 3 ♦ Video Meeting. Lecture. Phil Cooling. ' Weird & wonderful …ish'.
Saturday 5th ♦ CANCELLED. Special lecture by Sue Flood. 'Wildlife and Travel'  
10       AGM and prize giving.
17       Christmas Social.

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