Programme 2023

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Programme for 2023
January5Introduction to the programme. Members’ critique evening.
12Be a judge for a night. Change to programme.
19● Colour print no1. Judge: Steve Clifford.
26♦ Presentation. Salli Gainsford. ‘Portraiture’ Zoom Change to programme.
February2♦ Presentation. Dave Fieldhouse: ‘Street Photography’.
Monday6Battle: 4 way battle at Dudley. Judge: John Holt.
9Members / tech night. Not on Zoom.
16● Mono print no1. Judge: John Haines.
23♦ Presentation. Tony North. ‘Landscapes’. Zoom. Change to programme.
March2Battle: 5 a side. At home. Judge: Anne Sutcliffe.
9♦ Presentation. Paul Lack: ‘Portraits with natural light‘.
16● DPI no1. Judge: Nigel Plant. Zoom
23♦ Presentation. Chris Fletcher: ‘Architecture, Birmingham & beyond‘.
30♦ Presentation. Tim Jones: (Fotospeed)Demystifying printing‘. Not on Zoom.
April6♦ Presentation. Richard O’Brien. ‘History recoloured’. Zoom. Change to programme.
13Members / tech night. Not on Zoom.
20● Colour print no 2. Judge: Bob Goode.
27Question Time evening.
May4Ladies V Gents Battle. Judge: Louise Hill. Change of judge.
11♦ Presentation. Andy Page. ‘Dramatic landscapes’. Change to programme
18● Triptych print competition. Judge: Martin Fry.
25♦ Presentation. Jon & Sue Baker: ‘4 feet from Telford‘.
June1● Mono print no2. Judge: Jenny Webster.
8Practical night.
15♦ Presentation. Andy Phillips: ‘A visual signature‘.   Zoom
22● DPI no2. Judge: Chris Fletcher.
29Summer Social.
July6Battle: Vs Stourport. At home. Judge: Dave Tucker.
13Members/Practical night. Change to programme. Not on Zoom.
20● Colour print no3. Judge: Ralph Duckett
27♦ Presentation. Chris Palmer: ‘The eloquent landscape‘. Change to programme
August3♦ Presentation. Kevin Pigney:Passion for wildlife‘.    Zoom
10 Battle: Vs Great Barr. J: Judy Mainwaring. AWAY.
17 Members / practical night. Not on Zoom.
24● Mono print no3. Judge: Darron Matthews.
31♦ Presentation. Cliff Spooner: ‘ARPS – a learning curve‘.
September7Practical night. Not on Zoom.
14● DPI no3. Judge: Roger Evans.
21♦ Presentation. Al Haden:My photographic journey‘.
Monday25 Battle: Vs Webheath. AWAY.
28♦ Presentation. Darron Matthews: ‘My camera club journey‘.
October5● Colour print no4. Judge: Judy Mainwaring.
12♦ Presentation. Aleks Gjika: ‘Je ne sais quoi‘.
19Critique evening. Colin Walls.
26● Mono print no4. Judge: Graham Walton.
November2♦ Presentation. Jane Goodall: ‘ The beautiful light’.  Zoom Change to programme
9Match an Image. Fun inter-club battle. Change of Judge: Ric Harding
16Members / tech night.
23● DPI no4. Judge: David Gibbins. Zoom
30♦ Presentation. Fred Adams: ‘A tale of 2 halves‘. Zoom
14Christmas Social evening.

Zoom means that the judge or lecturer will be joining us via an on-line link.

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