All our meetings are held in the Bonded Warehouse, Canal Street, Stourbridge, DY8 4LU, an ideal location offering plenty of space and good facilities. See the  ‘Contact us’ tab for a map. Please note that the Bonded Warehouse does not have disabled access, ( two sets of stairs ).
As we now have the technology installed, the Bonded Warehouse meetings are also available on-line. Being on-line will also enable us to host a wider range of judges and lecturers as they do not need to be within driving distances.

See all our basic information at a glance here

Meetings are held every Thursday evening, starting at promptly at 8:00pm and last until 10pm, (we only skip the Christmas period).
All the up to date programme details can be found on the ‘Programme’ tab. The meetings are a mixture of lectures, competitions and practical events.

One to one or small group meetings. Since the arrival of Zoom it is now simple to arrange on-line meetings to discuss technical/editing questions at most convenient times. Just use the email address to initiate these.

What does all this cost?
Yearly membership is £25.00 and then £2.50 per night for members  ( Visitors pay £3.00 per night ). These prices include a drink ( and biscuits 🙂 ) half way through the evening. One can also pay monthly of annually.

Come along as a guest and see for yourself. You can try us out for a couple of evenings for free!

Some of the previous programmes.

Programme 2018

Programme 2017

Programme 2016

Programme 2015

Programme 2014

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