Programme 2024

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Programme for 2024
January4Introduction to the programme. Members’ work.
11♦ Presentation. Tracey Lund. ‘Wildlife photography, part 1 ‘. Zoom
18● Colour print no1. Judge: Bob Goode.
25Members / tech night. Not on Zoom.
February1♦ Presentation. Phil Holroyd. ‘The Lakes – A trip to Buttermere‘. Not on Zoom.
Monday5■ Battle at Dudley. AWAY.
8Be a judge for a night. Not on Zoom.
15● Mono print no1. Judge: Darron Matthews.
22♦ Presentation. Richard Guest. ‘Beyond Kingswinford streetlights, astronomy.’
29Members / tech night. Not on Zoom.
March7■ 4 way battle Vs Droitwich, Kidderminster & Bromsgrove. Judge: Martin Cooper.
14♦ Presentation. Roger Evans on sports. ‘Light, cameras, action‘.
21● DPI no1. Judge: Colin Walls.
28♦ Presentation. Steve Rabone. ‘Creatively speaking’.
April. Tues2■ Battle: Vs Wolverhampton. AWAY. Judge: David Mcguire.
4♦ Presentation. Peter Benson. ‘London nights‘. Zoom
11● Colour print no2. Judge: Judy Mainwaring.
18♦ Presentation. Tim Jones, ( Photospeed ). ‘Demystifying printing‘. Not on Zoom.
25Members / tech night. Not on Zoom.
May2Question time evening. Not on Zoom.
9♦ Presentation. Leigh Preston. ‘Hugh and I‘. Zoom
16● Mono print no2. Judge: Louise Hill.
23● Photochallenge competition.
30Members / tech night.
June6● DPI no2. Judge: Chris Palmer.
13♦ Presentation. Derek Gale. ‘Close up and macro‘.
20♦ Presentation. Bill Ward. ‘In search of………’
27● Colour print no3. Judge: Phil Cooling.
July4♦ Presentation. Michael Whitefoot. ‘ An evening with
11■ Battle: Vs Stourport. AWAY.
18Summer social.
25● Panel competition. Judge: Dave Tucker.
August1♦ Presentation. Lee Sutton. ‘ My photographic journey ‘. Zoom
8■ Battle: Vs Great Barr. Home. Judge: David Lowe.
15 ● Mono print no3. Judge: Ralph Duckett.
22Members / tech night.
29♦ Presentation. Molly Hollman. ‘ Creative flower and plant photography ‘. Zoom
September5● DPI no3. Judge: Roger Evans. Not on Zoom.
12Members / tech night. Change to programme
19■ Battle: Vs Webheath. Home. Judge: Paddy Ruske.
26♦ Presentation. Simon Caplan. ‘ Extraordinary ordinary ‘.
October3● Colour print no4. Judge: Aleks Gjika.
10Critique night. Colin Walls.
17Members / tech night. Change to programme
24♦ Presentation. Corin Spinks. ‘ A constant search for something new ‘.
31● Mono print no4. Judge: Graham Walton.
November7■ Match an Image. Dave Tucker.
14♦ Presentation. Bob Goode. ‘ Something old, new, borrowed, blue ‘.
21♦ Presentation. Dominic Gurney, ( Epson ). ‘ The print workflow ‘. Change to programme.
28● DPI no4. Judge: Al Haden.
December5♦ Presentation. James Rushforth. ‘ Exploring the Dolomites and Iceland ‘. Zoom
12AGM. Not on Zoom.
19Christmas Social.

Zoom means that the judge or lecturer will be joining us via an on-line link.

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