Members are strongly advised to use the sRGB colour space for all image files, ( sRGB IEC61966-2.1 ).

Taking part in the club competitions is probably the best way to improve your photographic and picture editing skills. Our competitions are in several formats:-

Colour prints
All prints should be mounted in or on card. This is the most satisfying way to present images and creates an impressive result. Although most of us use prints that are up to A3 size, a good A4 image can often be remarkably effective, especially when presenting still life subjects.
The mount for prints must be no larger than 500mm x 400mm, the image title and your name must be on the back of the print.

Monochrome prints
Arguably the most difficult technique to master as it pushes both editing and printing skills. The presentation is the same as for colour prints, described above.
The mount for prints must be no larger than 500mm x 400mm, the image title and your name must be on the back of the print.

Digital Projected Images, ( DPIs )
By far the most popular method of showing your work. It avoids all the hassle and expense of printing and mounting images. This is the best way to start competition work and to gain valuable feedback on your photography, it can be used for both colour and monochrome images.
DPI images must be jpegs   maximum 1920px wide x maximum 1200px high. If they are smaller, they won’t project well.

How to name the jpeg files

The image file must be renamed in the following way, with a semi colon between its title and your name.

Your image title; Your Name

keeping the capitalisation, spacing and spelling of Your Name exactly the same for each entry.


This link shows some hints and tips for preparing files for upload.

The email address for submitting both print titles and DPI files is:-

For the results of Inter-Club battles please see the ‘News’ tab.

The full competition rules are shown here.

You can see the rules for the other competitions:-

If you aren’t sure, please contact us and we will help out.

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