Competition results 2012


November The Society recently held the three Threesomes Plaque competitions where members enter what they consider to be the three best pictures they have entered into competitions during the year. This always has a large entry and the results were :-
Threesomes DPI
General Group1st                    Martin Bruntnell                        52pts
2nd                    Stephen Bennett                       50pts
3rd                    Michael Smith                           48ptsAdvanced Group

1st=                  David Allen                              52pts
1st=                  Jeff Riley                                  52pts
2nd                    Barry Glover                            51pts
3rd                    Marion Thompson                    50pts

Threesomes Colour Prints

General Group

1st                    Martin Bruntnell                        58pts
2nd=                 John Fox                                  56pts
2nd=                 Carl Franks                              56pts
3rd=                  Stephen Bennett                       54pts
3rd=                  Darren Foxall                           54pts

Advanced Group

1st=                  David Allen                              54pts
1st=                  Jeff Riley                                  54pts
1st=                  Janet Sprason                           54pts
2nd                    Marion Thompson                    53pts
3rd=                  Vanessa Smith                          51pts
3rd=                  Cliff Thompson             51pts

Threesome Mono Prints

General Group

1st                    Brian Dean                               59pts
2nd                    Pauline Franks                          56pts
3rd                    Jo Allan                                    55pts

Advanced Group

1st                    Janet Sprason                           56pts
2nd=                 John Bissell                               54pts
2nd=                 Marion Thompson                    54pts
2nd=                 Heather Woodhams                  54pts
3rd                    Jeff Riley                                  53pts

25th October Tonight was the 4th Projected image competition judged by Sue McGarrigle. The results were :-

General Group
1st                    Salford Quays                                     Jayne Bourne
2nd                    Tulips                                                  Martin Bruntnell
3rd                    Just before dark                                  Stephen Bennett
H Com                        Eyecatching                                        John Fox
H Com                        Frog                                                     John Fox
H Com                        Glastonbury Spring                             John Hingley
H Com                        Pyramid Lake                                      Richard Preston
H Com                        Oarsome                                              Alison Dean
H Com                        Summer Splash                                   Jo Allan
Com                Pretty in Pink                                      Jayne Bourne
Com                The Party’s Over                                 Carl Franks
Com                Flamingo Reflections                          Charles Muircroft
Com                Making Memories                               Claire Chamberlain
Com                Will you be my friend?                       John Fox


Advanced Group
1st                    Shake it all about                                Barry Glover
2nd                    Storm over Whitley Court                  Phil Turner
3rd                    Sudden Storm                                     Marion Thompson
3rd                    Winter                                                 Marion Thompson
H Com                        Breakers at Sunset                              Phil Turner
H Com                        The Exhibitionist                                 Keith Leatham
H Com                        The day of the Triffyds                      Jeff Riley
H Com                        The eagle has landed                           Jeff riley
H Com                        White barred Charaxes                       David Allen
Com                Fragile Landscape                               David Allen
Com                Early Light                                          Janet Sprason
Com                Night Steam                                        Graham Chance
Com                Showing signs of old age                    Barry Glover


20th September Mono Print Contest No4   Judge: Garry Jackson

General Group
1st                    JoAllan                                    Past Glory
2nd                   John Fox                                 Contemplation
3rd                    Alison Dean                            The Pithead
H Com             Jo Allan                                   Brian Being Nosey
H Com             Arthur Fletcher                       Illuminated
H Com             Anne Lewis                             Filtered-Lite
Com                Stephen Bennett                     A Quiet Moment
Com                Arthur Fletcher                       Power Towers
Com                Colin Lewis                             Coalport Workshop

Advanced Group
1st                    Graham Chance                      Look That Way
2nd                    David Allen                            Dahlia
3rd                    Keith Leatham                                    Wilderness Morning
H Com              Janet Sprason                          Last Light
H Com              Heather Woodhams                No Band Today
Com                John Bissell                             Across Buttermere
Com                Jeff Riley                                Winter Woodland

16th August Colour print competition No . 4 Judge – Peter Clark
The results are:-
Advanced Class


Jeff Riley

On the brink


Sue Keeling

Modern on ancient


Glen Ness

No recovery


Sue Keeling

Bronze beauty


Janet Sprason

Rotten to the core


Janet Sprason

In the eye of the beholder

General Class


Alison Dean

Light up the corner


John Fox

High and dry


Arthur Fletcher

Inspired  generation


Carl Franks

Abbey knave


Ann Lewis

Sea surfer


John Millward

Something for the weekend sir


Jo Allen

The future is here


Martin Bruntnell

One And A Half Apples


Colin Lewis

Victorian Office

19th July Tonight was the 3rd projected image competition judged by Tony Broom. The results were :-
General Group
1st                    Winter Wonderland                            John Millward
2nd                    Cracked Pot                                        Martin Bruntnell
3rd                    Yesteryears Glass                                Geoff Wilkes
H Com              Eucalyptus                                          John Fox
H Com              I’m Watching YOU                            John Fox
H Com             Reflective Passage                              Stephen Bennett
Com                In Love                                               Anne Lewis
Com                A Winters Afternoon                          Geoff Wilkes
Com                The Magnificent Seven                       Arthur Fletcher
Com                Storm Over Poppies 4                         Terry WellsAdvanced Group
1st                    Detachment                                        Vanessa Smith
2nd                   The Naughty Step                              Cliff Thompson
3rd                    Hawthorne Silhouette                       Graham Chance
H Com             Celebration Cinema                         Phil Turner
H Com             War Games                                        Graham Chance
Com                Watching                                             Phil Turner
Com                Cromar Sunset                                   Sue Keeling
Com                Magical Woodland                             Janet Sprason
Com                Shades of Red and Brown                Jeff Riley


26th June Audio Visual Competition 2012         Judge: Andrew Gagg

Results :-

1st             Graffetti Man                                                           Barry Glover
2nd            Look Closer                                                           Janet Sprason
3rd             Sentimental Songs of a Bygone Age                Keith Leatham
H Com        Cinderella                                                            Phil Waldron
Com           The Seashore                                              Janet Sprason

14th June Mono Print No3  Judge; Mark Wilbrey

General Group

1st                    Old Oak Tree                                                  Martin Bruntnell
2nd                    Early Morning Stroll                                       Terry Wells
3rd                    The Old Workshop                                         Pauline Franks
H Com             Groins                                                             Jo Allan
H Com             Me Old Fruit                                                  Martin Bruntnell
H Com             Gull-ible                                                         Arthur Fletcher
Com                 Queen’s Jubilee                                              Darren Foxall
Com                 Tewkesbury Abbey                                        Carl Franks
Com                 Helga                                                              Terry Wells
Advanced Group

1st                    The Busker                                                      John Bissell
2nd                    Sun, Seat and Shadow                                   Jeff Riley
3rd                    Alpha Tower                                                   Graham Chance
H Com             The Barracks                                                  John Bissell
Com                 Wreck of “The Collier”                                  David Allen

17th May
Colour Print No3     Judge: Peter Gennard the results were :-
General Group
1st            Cororant Fisherman                                            John Fox
2nd            Guided Tour                                                      Anne Lewis
3rd            Abandoned                                                        Jo Allan
H com       The Organ Driver                                                Stephen Bennett
H com       Froggy Family                                                   John Fox
H com       Privates On Parade                                            Carl Franks
Com          Leap of faith                                                      Arthur Fletcher
Com          Choir Stalls                                                       John Fox
Com          Reflections at Ground Zero                                 Sue Taylor
Advanced Group
1st             Sailing                                                              Sue keeling
2nd            South from the Stiperstones                                David allen
3rd             Porth Nanven Sunset                                         Vanessa Smith
H com        Windswept Outlook                                           Janet Sprason
Com           What light Through Yonder Window Breaks?       Jeff Riley
19th April Tonight we had Mono Print Contest No: 2  Judge: Ian Hodgkiss. The results were :-

General Group
1st                   Brian Dean                            Waiting for service
2nd                 John Fox                                 Violin
3rd                   Pauline Franks                     Narrowboat festival
H Com            Colin Lewis                           Bonded parking
Com                Arthur Fletcher                      Smiley faces
Com                Darren Foxall                        Mother and daughter


Advanced Group
1st                    Jeff Riley                                A sense of forbodding
2nd                  Heather Woodhams            The guardian
3rd                   Keith Leatham                      Across the Sound
H Com            Jeff Riley                                A rare spectacle
Com                Bob Pritchard                        Caged
Com                Heather Woodhams           The Egyptian

April 5th. Tonight we had our second competition for digital projected images,
judged by Dave Venables. The results were :-General group
1st                   Alpine                                     John Fox
2nd                  Art in progress                                    Clare Chamberlain
3rd                   Passing through                       Mick Smith
H com             Curiosity                                 Alison Dean
H com             Juvenile Woodpecker              Charles Muircroft
H com             A secret place                          Arthur Fletcher
H com             Moonscape                              Mick Smith
H com             Robin on branch                      Terry Wells
H com             Sun shaft                                 Anne Lewis
Com                Black Squirrel                         Sue taylor
Com                Male Mandarin Duck              Charles Muircroft
Com                Mallard                                    Darren Foxall
Com                Bullrushes                               John Millward
Com                Sun burst                                 Mick Smith
Com                Walking by                              Terry WellsAdvanced group
1st                   Tree fungi                                Janet Sprason
2nd                  Childhood memories               Jeff Riley
3rd                   Sunset on the canal                 Sue Keeling
H com             Autumn reflections                 Sue Keeling
H com             Wilderness ride                       Keith Leatham
Com                For those watching in B & W Phil Turner
Com                The steepest part                     Marion Thompson


March 8th Tonight we had our second colour competition judged by Peter Gennard. The results were :-

General Group
1st               Pier at Blackpool                        Terry Wells
2nd               Gas Street Reflection                  Alison Dean
3rd                Misty River                                 Brian Dean
H Com          Beach Riders                              Terry wells
H Com          Hanging On                                 Jo Allan
H Com          On a Golden Frosty Morning         Arthur Fletcher
Com             This Way North                            Brian dean
Com             Tumbling Water                            Carl Franks
Advanced Group
1st                Frozen Forrest                            Keith Leatham
2nd               Mist by the Lake                         Marion Thompson
3rd                City of Dreams                            Sue Keeling
H Com          As in a Dream                             Jeff Riley
Com             Scottish Waters                           Janet Sprason
Com              Harebell                                     Marion Thompson
March 1st Tonight the society was treated to a superb lecture by Susan Brown – FRPS – EFIAP FRPS EFI . Examples of Susan.s work can be seen on her web site
February 23rd Tonight we had the first projected image competition. The results were :-
General Group
1st                    Teasels                                     Alison Dean
2nd                    Old Tree roots                         Martin Bruntnell
3rd                    Lakeside Cottage                    Mick Smith
H Com                        Holy Island Boats                   Alison Dean
H Com                        Beachcombing Trio                 Arthur Fletcher
Com                Towards the Border                Jo Allan
Com                York Minster                           Clare Chamberlain
Com                Snowfield                               John Fox
Com                Clouds                                     Darren Foxall
Com                Through the Tunnel                 Colin Lewis
Com                Young Swan                           Mick SmithAdvanced Group
1st                    Neath Valley Falls                  Vanessa Smith
2nd                    White Out                               Sue Keeling
3rd                    Alpine Walkers                       Cliff Thompson
H Com                        Netherton Tunnel 400m          David Allen
H Com                        Frozen Planet                          Keith Leatham
Com                Light Bridge                           Sue Keeling
Com                Remembrance                         Jeff Riley
Com                Cobb Sunrise                           Vanessa Smith
Com                Brickwork Zip                         Phillip Turner
The society recently entered the Photographic Society of Great Brittain cup competition and was placed joint 40th. out of 131 clubs.
February 9th

Tonight we had a lecture by Mike Wilkes FRPS. Mike showed an outstanding selection of natural history photographs which demonstrated his enthusiasm knowledge and skill.

February 2nd Tonight we had our first mono print competition. The results were :-

General Group
1st                    With birds I share this lonely view                 Darren Foxall
2nd                   Peek-a-boo                                                      Clare Mills
3rd                    Vulcan XH558                                                Arthur Fletcher
H Com             Worcester flood                                              Brian Dean
H Com             Backlit swan                                                   Darren Foxall
H Com             Surfin’ USA or Newquay?                             Sue taylor
Com                Disused gold mine                                          Jo Allan
Com                Caffe Anton                                                    Steve Bennett
Com                Beach huts                                                      Alison Dean
Com                Fountains Abbey                                             Pauline Franks


Advanced Group
1st                   Foreboding                                                      John Bissell
2nd                  66 Dodge                                                        Heather Woodhams
3rd                   Woodland path                                               Marion Thompson
H Com            The last voyage                                             John Bissell
Com                Dawn of Man                                                  David Allen
Com                Face in the crowd                                          John Bissell
Com                Rush hour Grand Canal                               Keith Leatham
Com                Treescape in a puddle                                  Janet Sprason


January 19th
Tonight we had our first colour print competition Judged by Graham Walton.

General Group
1st                    Brown Argus                                      Darren Foxall
2nd                   Touching Up                                      Colin Lewis
3rd                    Brush Strokes                                    Brian Dean
H Com             Misty Wood                                        Jo Allan
H Com             Set in Stone                                        Rich Preston
H Com             Maurice                                               Terry Wells
Com                The Old Shack                                    Alison  Dean
Com                Astrantia                                             Alison Dean
Com                6 Feet in the Air                                  Arthur Fletcher

Advanced Group
1st                    Let it Snow                                         Jeff Riley
2nd                   Emerging Azalia                                Keith Leatham
3rd                    Walking the Glacier                           Marion Thompson
H Com             Autumn Riches                                  Janet Sprason
H Com             No Steerage                                       Heather Woodhams
Com                Tunnel Vision                                      David Allen
Com                The Flowers on the wall                    Keith Leatham


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