Stourbridge Photographic Society is 100% digital.

Some members of the society meet on the second Wednesday of each month for software and technical workshops on various editing and photographic methods. Visitors are welcome. Meetings take place in the Bonded Warehouse, 7:30 start time. We don’t have a formal programme for this as the content varies with requests. We do email reminders to the club members a few days in advance.

To enable beginners to get started, there are opportunities to have 1 to 1 tuition on camera and photo editing methods. Please contact us if you are interested.

If you have queries on editing or a photograph which needs some TLC, please email the technical group, so we can have a think about the problem. No guarantees but we’ll try our best. 🙂

Supported software:-

Elements v11 and upwards
Pictures to Exe (making audio visuals)
Helicon Focus (focus stacking)
Photomatix (HDR)
Apophysis (fractals)