Technical workshops

Stourbridge Photographic Society is 100% digital.

If you have queries on editing or a photograph which needs some TLC, please email the technical group, so we can have a think about the problem. We also offer on-line ‘1 to 1’ tuition of virtually any topic, if you are interested, please email us, no guarantees but we’ll try our best. 🙂

Supported software:-

Elements v11 and upwards
Helicon Focus (focus stacking)
Photomatix (HDR)
Pictures to Exe (making audio visuals)
Apophysis (fractals)

A tip for Self-Tuition:-
YouTube is full of training material to help learn about your camera and discover editing skills.
Try looking for different presenters and find a few that you like listening to and are able to understand.
Also make sure they have plenty of material/videos. And finally, read a few comments on their videos to make sure they really do know what they’re talking about, ( some don’t ).
Then follow them and keep watching their video training.

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