Competition results 2011



November 10th. Tonight was our fourth digitral projected images competition judged by John Hartshorne LRPS, CPAG. The results were :-

General Group
1st               Sunset over Trevose                                               Vanessa Smith
2nd              West Burton Falls                                       Brian Dean
3rd              Everlasting Love                                       Martin Jamieson
H Com         Are you sitting comfortably                         Alison Dean
H Com         Sunshine on a winters morning                    Darren Foxall
H Com         Eventide                                                    Vanessa Smith
H Com         Beach huts                                                John Millward
Com            Under the Maddoch Estuary bridge                         Jo Allan
Com            Evening Light                                            Alison Dean
Com            Walk in the woods                                      Alison Dean
Com            Riding the waves                                       Brian Dean
Com            Peace is shattered                                      Sue Taylor


Advanced Group
1st            Woodland light                                            Marion Thompson
2nd            Large Copper                                              Cliff Thompson
3rd            Autumn seat                                                 Sue Keeling
H Com       Peek a boo Barn Owl                                   Andy Snape
Com          Ullswater morning                                         Sue Keeling
Com          Jeff Riley                                                     Morning Mist

September 22nd Tonight was our fourth mono competition, the last for this year. The results were :-

General Group

1st                        Cubes and Rounds                              Martin Bruntnell
2nd                      Reflections – Valencia                         Jo Allan
3rd                       Snowdrop                                          Janet Sprason
H Com                 Bacchanalian Sculpture – its all in the shadow    Jo Allan
H Com                 Permaenpool Bridge                                  David Allen
Com                     Long and Winding Road                   David Allen
Com                     Barmouth Beach                                Terry Wells


Advanced Group

1st                        Blackcountry Heritage 1                 Jeff Riley
2nd                       Sparrow                                        Glenn Ness
3rd                        Damp Duck on a Daimler                Jeff Riley
H Com                 Llandudno Pier                                  Bob Pritchard
Com                     Family Get Together                        Paul Radburn


September 15th Tonight we had our annual “3 of a kind” competition where three images are put together and projected as one. The competition was judged by members of the society The results were :-

1st                   Tree of a kind                                             Glenn Ness
2nd                  Portmeirion Details                                     Keith Leatham
3rd                   Brrrrrrr                                                       Jeff Riley
H Com            I do like to be beside the seaside                Janet Sprason
H Com            Sunflowers                                                Janet Sprason
Com                Sailing By                                                Janet Sprason
Com                American Beauties                                  Martin Bruntnell

August 25th Tonight was our 4th Colour print competition judged by Anne Sutcliffe FRPS,EFIAP

General Group
1st                    Ripples and Reflection                   Arthur Fletcher
2nd                   Light Fantastic                                Mick Smith
3rd                    Sail on Wheels                                   Janet Sprason
H Com            Pink is Perfect                                    Susan Taylor
H Com            Pastel Flower                                    Alison Dean
H Com            Summer Field                                   Vanessa Smith
Com                French Windows                                Alison Dean
Com                Sandy Ripple                                     Colin Lewis
Com                Robbing Robin                                 Charles Muircroft
Com                Early Morning Light                         Terry Wells
Com                Stour Impression                             Martin Bruntnell

Advanced Group
1st                    The Copper Valley                          Keith Leatham
2nd                   Winter Dreams                                  Phil Waldron
3rd                    High Alter                                        Jeff Riley
H Com            Shades of Lavender                         Sue Keeling
H Com            Red Devil                                       Heather Woodhams
Com                Faded Glory                                       Jeff Riley
Com                Mountain Pasture                            Cliff Thompson

August 11th Tonight we had our annual audio visual show competition judged by John Holt ARPS, DPAGB . There were 11 entries from 6 people. The results were :-

1st             Dreams                            Keith Leatham
2nd            Tysley 2                            Phil Waldron
3rd             Winter Wonderland            Sue Keeling
H Com        Daisies and Poppies          Keith Leatham
Com           Bluebell Time                    Phil Waldron
Com           A Magical Winter              Janet Sprason


July 21st. 3rd Digita Projected Image Competition – Judge Malcolm Ranieri
General Group
1st        Last Light                                        Vanessa Smith
2nd       Cubism                                            David Allen
3rd        Stiperstones                                   Vanessa Smith
HC       Girl Power                                       Colin Lewis
HC       Inverse                                              Martin Jamieson
HC       Poppy Sunset                                  Vanessa Smith
C.        Bee-Delite                                       Anne Lewis
C         Cold Morning                                   Janet Sprason
C         Pastel Panache                               Arthur Fletcher
c.         Sunset Bridge                                   Mick Smith
C         Swansea Bay                                    Janet Sprason
Advanced Group
1st         Red Squirrel – best foot forward     Andy Snape
2nd        Sea of sand                                        Sue Keeling
3rd        Bugs bunny                                       Andy Snape
HC       Mr Fox                                                 Andy Snape
June 16th Tonight was the 3rd. mono print competition judged by Alan Millward FRPS, MPAGB, Hon PAGB . The results were :-
General Group1st                    Cold Mist                                 Janet Sprason
2nd                    Winters Morning                       Janet Sprason
3rd                    On the Beach                           Martin Bruntnell
H Com             White Water                             David Allen
H Com             Photo-shopper at the Fair         Janet Sprason
H Com             William and Friend                    Terry Wells
Com                 Night Storage                           Arthur Fletcher
Com                 Testing the Water                     Clare Miles
Com                 Railway at Quorn                      Terry WellsAdvanced Group

1st                    Mountain reflections                  Keith Leatham
2nd                    Harold                                      Cliff Thompson
3rd                    Upheaval                                  Marion Thompson
H Com             Storm Light                              Glenn Ness
H Com             Closed                                     Bob Pritchard
H Com             Evening Sunshine                      Marion Thompson
Com                 Stone Castlerigg                       Glenn Ness
Com                 Severn Bridge                           Bob Pritchard
Com                 Tea Time                                  Phil Waldron

May 26th. Tonight was our third colour print competition, judged by Sir Jerry Wiggins. The results were :-

General Group

1st                    David Allen                  Country Stream
2nd                    David Allen                  Light Fantastic
3rd                    Anne Lewis                  Sailing Away
H. Com            Arthur Fletcher Prancing Horse
H. Com            Mick Smith                   Fun in the Fountain
H. Com            Janet Sprason               Sharing the View
Com                 David Allen                  Standing Stones
Com                 John Millward               Bluebell Wood

Advanced Group

1st                    Keith Leatham              Crocuses
2nd                    Phil Waldron                Pegging
3rd                    Jeff Riley                      Leftover
H. Com            Phil Waldron                Tete a Tete
Com                 Sue Keeling                  The Boathouse

April 28th Tonight was the second mono print competition of the year judged by Peter Clark FRPS EFIAP/p. The results were :-General Class
1st.        Janet Sprason – Four Feet One Inch
2nd        Janet Sprason – Morning Sunbeams
3rd.        S J Bennett – Stiletto on Tile
HC.       David Allen – Mountain Stream
Com.    Jo Allan – Streetlamp and shadow
Com.    Janet Sprason – A Slight Swell
Com.    Terry Wells – Private Sid
Advanced Class
1st.        Heather Woodhams – Gothic Ma’am
2nd.       Heather Woodhams – Out of Season
3rd.        Heather Woodhams – Truck Stop
HC        Jeff Riley – Wastelands
Com     Gary Jackson – Welsh lake
Com     Marion Thomson – Woodland Morning
Com     Phil Waldron – “Ow am yer?”
April 7th Tonight we had the second DPI competition.The judge was Ric Harding. The results were :-
General Group
1st           Vanessa Smith              Playboater
2nd        Anne Lewis                  Dog Walker
3rd        Vanessa Smith              Autumn Stream
H C      Steve Bennett               Guardian of the Beach
HC       Arthur Fletcher Double One
HC       Anne Lewis                  Sea Break
Com     David Allen                  Making New Friends
Com     Jayne Bourne                Newcastle Blue
Com     Janet Sprason               Painted with Light
Advanced Group
1st        Andy Snape                 Northern Gannet in Flight
2nd        Andy Snape                 Hare – About to run
3rd        Heather Woodhams      Shutters and Shadows
HC       Jeff Riley                      Embedded
HC       Cliff Thompson Call of the Wild
Com     Keith Leatham              Low Flying
February 3rd Tonight was the first mono print competition of the year judged by Peter Young. The results were :-
General Group
1st            Janet Sprason            Sea-swept sand
2nd           Janet Sprason            Flower bells
3rd            Terry Wells                The soldier
H. Com      Jo Allan                    Up, up and away
H. Com      Stu Leggett                The Bamford
H. Com      Anne Lewis                Awaiting delivery
Com          Anne Lewis                Choppy waters
Com          John Millward             Trees in winter
Com          Terry Wells                Frosteed trees
Advanced Group
1st            Cliff Thompson            Yellowstone morning
2nd            Glenn Ness                Outward tide
3rd            Marion Thompson        Spring wood
H. com     John Bissell                 The classroom
H. com      Bob Pritchard              Anchor
H. com      Heather Woodhams     Shadow walkers
Com          Keith Leatham            Over the loch
Com          Bob Pritchard              Waterside church
Com          Jeff Riley                    T’was a cold and frosty morn
Com          Phil Waldron               Castles and roses 

January 6th

Tonight we held the “Threesome Plaque” competitions for mono and colour prints which had been cancelled because of snow last year. The judge was Ric Harding. The results were :-
1. John Bissell & Marion Thompson
2. Heather Woodhams & Glenn Ness
3. Cliff Thompson & Janet SprasonColour
1. Jeff Riley
2. Bob Prichard
3. Marion & Cliff Thompson




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