Competition results 2010


November 11th Tonight was the 4th Digital Projected Image and Slide competitions which were judged by Alan Lawrence.
The results were :-
DPI competition
1. Marion Thompson:- Early Snow
2. Andy Snape:- King of the Fishermen
3. Janet Sprason:- Hardraw Falls

There were 62 entries from 22 authors.

1. Bob Prichard:- Winter Scene
2. Colin Lewis:- Chain Gear
3. John Hole:- Winter Sleep

There were 18 entries from 6 authors.

October 28th Tonight the society held its “Themes” competition . At the begining of the year 5 themes are chosen and members have to take one photograph to illustrate each theme. The photographs are then judged by an outside judge, in this case Steve Cutler. Steve marked each theme set out of 20. He then chose his favourite picture from the winner of each set and the overall winner was the person with the highest cumulative score. The society was pleased to see that some of our newer members did very well. The results were :-
Theme – Black Or White 
1. Blue and White – Keith Leatham
2. New Rubber – Phil Turner
3. Tyre Abstract – Vanessa Smith
Theme – Rain 
1. Pitty Soggy Kitty – Jim Gennard
2. Autumn Rain – Vanessa Smith
3. Flowers in the Rain – Sue Keeling
Theme – Odd One Out 
1. His Nibbs – Keith Leatham
2. The Tulip Gardeners Mistake – Sue Keeling
3. Pilars of Stone – Clare Chamberlain
Theme – Elements of Nature 
1. Leaky Tap – Phil Turner (overall winning image)
2. Lights in Memory – Vanessa Smith
3. Flaming Heck – Jim Gennard
Theme – Young and Old 
1. Bad Apple – Darren Foxall
2= Mother and Baby – Clare Chamberlain
2= Mother and Daughter – Keith Leatham
Overall point winner – Keith Leatham (88 points)
Second  – Phil Turner (84 points)
Equal Third – Jim Gennard & Sue Keeling (82 points)
September 23rd Tonight’s mono print competition had 53 entries from 18 authors. The judge was Peter Young and the results were :-
1. Glenn Ness – Early catch
2. John Bissell – The Beggar
3. John Bissell – Bamburgh Skies
August 22nd Tonight”s colour print competition had 52 entries from 18 authors. The judge was John Haines. The result was :-
1. Keith Johnson:- Keeping Time
2. Darren Foxall:- Common Blue
3. Phil Waldren:- Power & Polish
July 16th. Tonight there were competitions for digital projected images and slides Judged by John Cartlidge.
The dpi competition had 51 entries from 17 photographers and the results were :-
1. Keith Leatham – Colours of Time
2. Mick Smith – Surf and sand
3. Marion Thomson – Raising the dust.

The slide competition had 15 entries from 5 photographers and the results were :-
1. John Hole – Winter silence
2. Colin Lewis – Construction crane
3. John Millward – Room with a view.

June 24th Tonight was an AV competition. There were 15 entries from 8 authors judged by Martin Fry. The results were :-
1st – Heather Woodhams:- Oradour-sur-Giane
2nd – Janet Sprason:- Tracing Irish Roots
3rd – Heather Woodhams:- Winter Came
HC – Jim Gennard:- Llangollen
C – Keith Leatham:- Knockers


June 10th

Tonight was Mono print competition number 3. There were 48 entries from 14 photographers. The judge, Peter Clarke, made awards as follows :-
1. John Bissell:- Gothic
2. Marion Thompson:- The Waterfall
3. Marion Thompson:- Walking on ice

May 27th

Tonight”s colour print competition had 47 entries from 15 authors. The judge Ian Hodgkiss made the following awards:-
1. Doctor Foster went to Gloucester – Jeff Riley
2. Shoreline sunset – Keith Johnson
3. It’s not easy being green – Ben Peasley

April 22nd

Tonight’s digital projected images competition attracted 59 entries from 21 photographers. The results were :-
1. If looks could kill – Ben Peasley
2. Overview – Heather Woodhams

3. Coffee in Paris – Steve Bennett.

The slide competition attracted 16 slide from 6 photographers. The results were :-
1. Beamed wood – Colin Lewis
2. Ageing – Bob Pritchard
3. Salt Rust – John Hole

Both competitions were judged by Andrew Gagg.

April 1st

Tonight was the 2nd. Mono Print competition judged by Gary Philips. There were 57 entries from 19 members, and the main awards were :-
1. Subway – Glen Ness
2. Mountain Cloud – Marion Thomson
3. Two Brothers – Steve Bennett

March 18th

Tonight was the 2nd. Colour Print competition judged by John Hartshorne. There were 74 entries from 25 members, and the main awards went to :-
1. Winter Reflections – Ben Peasley
2. Rose Pink – Janet Sprason
3. Once upon a time – Jeff Riley

February 25th

Tonight the Society held its 1st Slide and Projected Image competition of the year judged by Steve Cutler.
There was an entry of 34 digital images from 12 photographers and the results were :-

1. Bring on the clowns – Keith Leatham
2. Shadows on the wall – Sue Keeling
3. Wash house – Jeff Riley

There was an entry of 15 slides from 5 photographers and the results were :-

1. Burning the leaves – John Hole
2 Walking back – Bob Pritchard
3. Blossom time – John Millward.

February 4th

Tonight the club had it’s first mono competition of the year, which attracted 51 entries from 18 photographers. The judge was Dave Venables.The results were :-

1:- Marion Thompson –  Misty morning Lindisfarne
2:- John Bissel – Cargo of Time
3:- Keith Leatham – Godafoss falls
January 21st
Tonight was the club’s 1st colour print competition of the year judged by Ian Hodgkiss. There were 27 entries which allowed Ian to take time discussing each picture. We had a large number of new people at the meeting and they found this very beneficial.
The results were :-

1:- Sue Keeling –  M People
2:- Keith Leatham – Iris Impressions
3:- Sue Keeling – Through the Mist


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