Competition results 2013


17th October

Digital Projected image competition number 4. Judge: David Grounds

General Group
1st                  Port de Normandie                                      Brian Dean
2nd                 Girl at Howeth                                               Terry Wells
3rd                  Wild hills                                                        Geoff Wilkes
H Com           Dancing on the breeze                                Brian Dean
Com               Imminent downpour                                     Brian Dean
Com               Beachcomber                                               John Millward
Com               Crimson glory                                                Rachel Collins

Advanced Group
1st                  Day lily                                                           John Fox
2nd                 The Perlan                                                    Sue Keeling
3rd                  Wistful                                                            Alison Dean
H Com           Bullfinches                                                    Barry Glover
H Com           Suffolk Punch                                               Jeff Riley
Com                Abandon ship                                              Barry Glover
Com                Polite applause                                          Jeff Riley
Com                Disc oh!                                                        David Allen
Com                Floral fantasy                                                David Allen

19th September Results Mono Print contest 4 September 19th 2013  Judge: Peter ClarkGeneral Group
1st                   Old remains at Purton                            Terry Wells
2nd                  Van Gogh’s bridge                              Brian Dean
3rd                   Bridging the canal                                  Pauline Franks
H Com            Sennan Cove breakwater                         Carl Franks
H Com            Sparkling water                                    John Freeman
H Com            Tribute to BC working women                 Sue Taylor
Com                Contemporary living                              Brian Dean
Com                Wood spirit                                           Brian Dean
Com                Rusty anchor                                        Pauline Franks

Advanced Group
1st                   Shropshire trees                               John Fox
2nd                  Iris                                                   Arthur Fletcher
3rd                   Thoughtful                                         Alison Dean
H Com            The desk                                               David Allen
H Com            On the edge                                        Arthur Fletcher
H Com            Castle Moil                                          Janet Sprason
Com                Footbridge                                         Graham Chance
Com                Flying over                                        Alison Dean
Com                Landscape arch                                 Barry Glover
Com                Beachwear on Harris                          Janet Sprason

18th August Colour Print Competition 4        18th August 2013            Judge: Graham VernonGeneral Group
1st                   Lost in thought                                   Brian Dean
2nd                  Pretty with a kitty                               Petra Marsh
3rd                   Beach walkers                                     Terry Wells
H Com            Blue Tit returns                                   Eric Buchan
H Com          Valencian twilight                               Brian Dean
H Com            St Helen’s Oratory                              Pauline Franks
Com                Italian style                                         Stephen Bennett
Com                Sorrento by night                                Michael George
Com                Punk post                                            Petra Marsh
Com                Lamp light                                           John Millward

Advanced Group
1st                   Blue Lagoon                                       Sue Keeling
2nd                  Hi, my name is Happy                        Jeff Riley
3rd                   The Cafe                                             Alison Dean
H Com             Catkin                                                 Alison Dean
H Com             Village cricket                                     Jeff Riley
Com                Fresh out of the nest                           Barry Glover
Com                French Doors                                      Barry Glover

18th July Results DPI 3 Competition 18th July 2013   Judge: Peter WarnerGeneral Group
1st                   Watching                                             Brian Dean
2nd                  Together                                              Anne Lewis
3rd                   The Eagle has landed                       Brian Dean
H Com            Rape field under stormy skies        Geoff Wilkes
H Com            Arrivals -Prague airport                      Stephen Bennett
H Com            Sweet Pea                                           Terry Wells
Com                Gil in the foreground                          Terry Wells
Com                Spring morning                                   Geoff Wilkes

Advanced Group
1st                   Lake Thun sunset                             Mick Smith
2nd                  Harvest mouse                                 Barry Glover
3rd                   Strippy field                                        Graham Chance
H Com            Poppy                                                  David Allen
H Com           Twilight hunter                                   Barry Glover
H Com           Western light                                      John Fox
Com                Beady eyes                                        Alison Dean
Com                Posing                                                 Alison Dean

27th June The 2013 Audio Visual Contest was held on 27th June    Judge; Andrew Gagg

1st Ernie Barry Glover
2nd From the sublime to the ridiculous Stephen Bennett
3rd The suitcase John Fox
Highly Commended Blue ice and green fire Keith Leatham
Commended In search of the light Janet Sprason


13th June
Mono Print Competition Number 3    June 13th 2013  Judge Louise Hill
General Group
1st                Drifting ripples                            Colin Lewis
2nd                Intense                                     Stephen Bennett
3rd                Pier at Eastbourne                      Terry Wells
H Com           Valencian stairway                     Brian Dean
H Com           Forgotten                                   Terry Wells
Com              Bethanie                                    Stephen Bennett
Com             Swanage Pier                              Sue Taylor
Advanced Group
1st                Mono-log                                    Arthur Fletcher
2nd               The snarl                                    Barry Glover
3rd                Fog lights                                   Barry Glover
H Com          Osprey on Skye                          Barry Glover
H Com          Big Society                                Arthur Fletcher
Com              City curves                                Jo Allan
Com              The pit head                               David Allen
Com              Bodylines                                  Jeff Riley
16th May Colour Print Contest 3
Judge: Terry BickleyGeneral Group
1st                    Netherton  Tunnel revisited               Sue Taylor
2nd                    Angel                                         Lee Bywater
3rd                    Toad in the hole                        Petra Marsh
H Com                        This is the life                     Carl Franks
H Com                        Bernie                                       John Hingley
H Com                        Dream walker                        Terry Wells
Com                A pillar of light                             Stephen Bennett
Com                Female Goshawk                          Noel Hughes
Com                On the outside                              John Millward

Advanced Group
1st                    Red sails due to sunset                        David Allen
2nd                    The tear                                             John Fox
3rd                    Blue Lotus                                           Arthur Fletcher
H Com                        Up to St. Paul’s                            Jo Allan
H Com                        Avocet                                            John Fox
H Com                        American Bison trio                     Barry Glover
Com                Northern lights                                      Keith Leatham
Com                In pink satin                                             Jeff Riley
Com                Seaweed – a make over                       Janet Sprason

April 4th and May 2nd DPI Competition 2     4th April and 2nd May 2013  Judge; Graham Vernon. The competition had to take place over two meetings because of technical problems.General Group
1st                    Stormy Reflection                               Colin Lewis
2nd                    Bridges                                                Terry Wells
3rd                   First catch of the day                           Stephen Bennett
H Com            Winter Woodland                               Geoff Wilkes
H Com             Innocence                                            Petra Marsh
H Com             Hebden                                               Rachel Collins
Com                Exmore Inferno                                   Brian Dean
Com                Clouds over the hills                           Sue Taylor

Advanced Group
1st                    Perched over hot springs                     Barry Glover
2nd                    Greater Flamingo at nest site              Barry Glover
3rd                    Another long day ahead                     Phil Turner
H Com                        Go faster stripe not required               Barry Glover
H Com                        Bracket fungus                                    John Fox
H Com                        Ice over the canal                                Phil Turner
Com                Into the mouth                                                Alison Dean
Com                Stewponey lock                                  David Allen
Com                Pithead                                               Jeff Riley

March The Society will be participating in the local clubs day at the Ryemarket on Sat 23rd where there will be an opportunity to meet and chat to members and see some of our pictures.
There is to be a  day out with cameras on the 24th March at Black country museum. This will be an ideal opportunity to polish your camera skills with experienced photographers on hand to help with any problems or questions.
March 7th
Colour Print Competiton number 2        Judge: Peter Gennard
General Group
1st                Terry Wells                Looking at Barmouth
2nd                Sue Taylor                Kilchurn Castle
3rd                Petra Marsh               Not quite Chariots of Fire
H Com           Stephen Bennett        The artists and the tourists
H Com           Brian Dean                Solitude
Com              Lee Bywater               Mind the step
Com               Anne Lewis               Walled wilderness
Com               Sue Taylor                Thompson gazelle plus fleas
Advanced Group
1st                John Fox                    Lindisfarne Pilgrim
2nd               Barry Glover                Brown Argus
3rd                Keith Leatham            Under the falls
H com           Keith leatham             Dawn’s early light
H Com          Alison Dean                Hanging tree
Com              David Allen                 Into autumn
Com              Jeff Riley                    All is not lost
February 21st

DPI Competition 1 February 21st 2013 Judge: Dave Deeming

General Group

1st                    Goldfinch                                  Tony Chapman
2nd                    Enlightenment                           Stephen Bennett
3rd                    Rough and smooth                    Sue Taylor
H Com             Distorted entrance                     Carl Franks
H Com             Sanderling reflection                  Charles Muircroft
H Com             Cooling off                                Brian Dean
Com                 Camargue salt flats                    Brian Dean
Com                 Illuminating                                Eric Buchan
Com                 Bygone days                             Rachel Collins

Advanced Group

1st                    Tread lightly                              David Allen
2nd                    Storm over the Cuilins              Janet Sprason
3rd                    Butterfly dreams                       Jeff Riley
H Com             Fungeyes                                  Barry Glover
H Com             Windswept                               Barry Glover
Com                 From the dunes                         Heather Woodhams
Com                 Gotya                                       John Fox

January 31st Mono Print competition No1  Judge: Graham HodgkissGeneral Group
1st                   All laced up                             Stephen Bennett
2nd                 Chilley Illey                            Brian Dean
3rd                  The boat and the cart              Sue Taylor
H Com            Millstones                                Sue Taylor
Com               Shadow arches                        Brian Dean

Advanced Group
1st                    Old soldier                              Jeff Riley
2nd                   Up in the air                            Alison Dean
3rd                    Stourton oaks                          Barry Glover
H Com             Bridges of Bumble Hole         David Allen
H Com             Head in the sand                     John Bissell
Com                The last post                            John Bissell
Com                Antique hyacinth                    Jo Allan
Com                Headlamp                                Alison Dean
Com                Belle                                        Janet Sprason

January 28th Stoubridge took part in a print and projected image battle with Wallheath and Dudley at Dudley. Stourbridge were the victors.
January 17th.

Colour Print Contest No1   Judge: Dave Venables


General Group

1st                    Mr Mischief                              Petra Marsh2
nd                    Amsterdam Evening                  Terry wells
3rd                    Wafting in Ironbridge                Sue Taylor
H Com             Windermere wake                    Brian Dean
H Com             Morning Glory              John Millward
H Com             Crashing Sea                            Terry Wells
Com                 Guardians of the window          Stephen Bennett
Com                 Lavender Pot                            Colin Lewis
Com                 Fantasy Forrest                        Petra Marsh

Advanced Group

1st                    Proudly doing my Purton job     Barry Glover
2nd                    Waxwing on Rowan                 Barry Glover
3rd                    Winter Berry                            Janet Sprason
H Com             In the teeth of the storm            Keith Leatham
H Com             Chinese lanterns                        Jeff Riley
H Com             In a dream                                Janet Sprason
Com                 Waterfront moorings                 Arthur Fletcher
Com                 Away from it all                        Keith Leatham
Com                 Statuary – Vienna                     Jeff Riley


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