Digital editing notes

These are just a few notes to help you with presenting images for competitions.

Please don’t forget that most software allows several ways of doing anything and that the methods shown here are merely the preferred way of the author.

Images for DPI competitions:-

  1. Open Elements – File – New – Blank file.
  2. Width = maximum 1400pixels     Height = maximum 1050pixels  ( these are set by the resolution of the projector ).
    resolution = any value        Colour mode = RGB colour       Background = white
    OK.   This should give a blank white background called ‘Untitled-1.jpg’.
  3. Locate the image you are going to be working on and drag it into Elements.
  4. Drag your image in the Photo Bin onto the ‘Untitled-1.jpg’ file which should give a new layer.
  5. Click on the Move tool, then on the image and resize it to fit within the white blank oblong.
  6. Adjust the position as required.
  7. Click on the Background layer, then the colour pallet and choose what background colour to use, (Black is a good default colour).
  8. Click on the Paint Bucket tool and then click on the Background to colour it in.
  9. Select the image layer – Move Tool – Right click on the image – Edit layer style.
  10. Check Stroke tick box. Click on the colour square and choose the colour for the border, (white is good). Adjust the size of the border, (1 or 2 pixels is good).
  11. File – Save as. Type in the file name in the following format:- Your image title; Your name
  12.  Save as a jpeg – quality = 12, into the correct location on you computer. The file name format is important, as the semi colon is used by the software that runs the DPI competitions.

 Here is a link to a printable version

If you have any questions on this or have queries about other editing topics please contact the software tuition group.

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